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Innovation Acceleration

Use the tools and strategies of the fastest-growing companies to give your company a competitive advantage. West builds solutions tailored to your time frame, industry and company culture.

Team Training

Enable the people within your organization to take control of growth. West trains people to take responsibility for innovation no matter their position.

Strategic Advisory

Develop a strategy that wins markets. Whether you’re a first-mover or a laggard, West helps you find the right way to enter a market to win the customer and scale.

Onsite Workshops

Tactical advice delivered directly to the teams that need it.

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West Stringfellow spent 20+ years launching products and leading innovation at both corporate giants and startups, holding executive-level innovation and product management roles at Target, PayPal, VISA, Rosetta Stone, GraysOnline and BigCommerce and spending 3 years at Amazon as a Senior Product Manager.

West has substantial skills developing high-performing teams and cultures responsible for business operations, design, engineering, marketing, product management and strategy. He specialize in go-to-market, acceleration or pivot phases of life.

“I build and lead teams who ideate, build, launch and iterate companies, platforms and products with the intent of disrupting industries,” he says.

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