Grow Revenue  |  Decrease Operating Costs  |  Mitigate Risks  |  Empower Employees  |  Delight Customers  |  Build Equitable Businesses Rapidly  |  Adapt to Climate Change  |  Diversify Revenue Streams  |  End the Climate Emergency  |  Reduce Extreme Wealth Inequality  |  Educate Everyone  |
 Grow Revenue  |  Decrease Operating Costs  |  Mitigate Risks  |  Empower Employees  |  Delight Customers  |  Build Equitable Businesses Rapidly  |  Adapt to Climate Change  |  Diversify Revenue Streams  |  End the Climate Emergency  |  Reduce Extreme Wealth Inequality  |  Educate Everyone  |
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I help leaders grow their business.

Maximize revenue streams and customer satisfaction through product management and innovation - that's where I come in.
years building teams, products, services and platforms
in product development led
business leaders accelerated
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Does this sound like you?

If you know innovation is critical for growth and are looking to:

  • Set company-wide goals that accelerate innovation
  • Invest in innovation enough to win while balancing time, risk and optionality
  • Build winning value propositions that differentiate your business, market and technology
  • Create defensible and scalable profit sources built on new business models
  • Develop, launch, scale and iterate innovations quickly and effectively
  • Lead, incentivize, motivate your talent to repeatedly innovate
  • Build and maintain the networks required to win long-term
Then I am here to help you!
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“West has a remarkable ability to see clearly what needs to be done, and a complete lack of fear when it comes to expressing those ideas. His amazing track record speaks for itself, but I'm happy to speak for him too. He's a phenomenal leader and an awesome personality to work with.”
Ian C.
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Grow Your Career, Team & Business

West's approach to innovation prioritizes the needs of customers, leading to faster and more effective solutions with less risk and increased efficiency for you and your team, aligning with the goals of your customers, talent, and shareholders.
Rev up your product management and innovation skills to the max with professional coaching tailored for executives and entrepreneurs.
Get audiences pumped up and ready to innovate like crazy with West's fast-paced and direct approach to innovation!
"If you do not have the time to learn for free from and want things done right the first time, I'm available to help." - West
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How We Get Stuff Done

West has refined his process for launching new businesses
Develop the mindset required to innovate and achieve your potential.
Deeply understand your customer, competitor, market and available technology so that you can minimize risk while maximizing the chance of success.
Build, manage and lead a team that is capable of continuously innovating at scale.
Leverage innovation tools and best practice to deliver new solutions to your customers.
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Edmund Hillary Fellowship
In 2020 West was selected to join the EHF community of 500 “action-oriented people influencing the course of humanity”. Fellows undergo a rigorous application process and were selected from 10K+ applicants.
Minneapolis Real Power 50
In 2016 West was selected as a “Power50” who are “The linchpins in their company. The heart of the operation. The people who make things happen.” Winners were nominated by previous members and vetted for 3 months.
PayPal Employee Awards
in 2012 West received:
-the “Universe” award, EBay’s highest award, from PayPal’s CPO
-the “Meteor Shower” award, eBay’s 2nd highest award, from my team for my leadership of the Point of Sale Program.
iKids Awards
In 2014 the team West led won 1st place in "Best Learning App for Preschoolers " for Rosetta Stone's Lingo Letter Sounds
Webby Awards
In 2014 the team West led was nominated and selected as an Houoree for "Apps, Mobile, and Voice" in "Education and Reference" (Handheld devices) for Rosetta Stone's Lingo Letter Sounds. Innovator Awards
In 2013, the team West led won:
- Gold for "Most Innovative"
- Silver for "Most Disruptive"
- Bronze for "Best Merchant"
for PayPal's point of sales solution.
Google Australia Brand Zeitgeist
In 2010 the team West led won "Fastest Rising Google searches for Australian Brands" for their SEO work at GraysOnline.


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Secure Loyalty Programs
A system with a decentralized architecture to provide secure loyalty program.
Social retail platform & system with graphical user interfaces for presenting multiple content types
A social media platform and system provides a graphical user interface for creating social media posts and tagging one or more products.
Payment system
Disclose embodiments provide systems and methods of processing payment authorisation requests for payment.
Smart Wallet
A service provider provides one or more "best" total value suggestions for one or more items specified by a user.
Payment System
Embodiments of the invention provide a method of processing payment authorisation requests for payment transactions.
Local Affiliate Marketing
Merchants within close proximity to each other are "affiliated" with other by distance. A consumer making a first.
Systems And Methods For Providing Information To Consumers
A method and a system to provide information to consumers are provided.
Location Determination And Map Building
The present disclosure involves a method comprising: determining the location of a user inside a facility.
Account Access At Point Of Sale
Verifying personal identification number (PIN)

Let’s grow your business together.

Click below to contact me today

The World's Innovation Resource

Interactive Learning Hub
“Innovators create new jobs and new solutions; two things humanity needs right now. Unfortunately, too many innovators fail.

To help innovators succeed, I built HowDo.”
-West Stringfellow
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West loves innovation, product management and cats.
I AM: 
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West looking at the camera West with a cat


  • Sold his startup to a Fortune 50 🎯
  • Built and led a startup accelerator 🚀
  • Led dozens of successful product launches at public companies and startups 📈
  • Invented 5 patents💡
  • Fellow at the Edmund Hillary Fellowship 🏔️
  • 25 years of professional experience 💪
  • 8 years living and working internationally ✈️


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“West has a very unique mix of technical know-how, innovation and programme delivery, coupled with an extremely strong commercial and marketing skill set. This mix has invariably meant that he transforms and builds new revenue streams.”
Crispin T.
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