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Leading innovation and product management at scale

/ 20+ years Product and innovation experience

West builds and leads teams that design, develop, launch and manage products and platforms.
- Proposed Amazon's first billable web service
Built and led rockstar teams that:

- Built and launched the content operations for Amazon's 1st digital video product
- Proposed, built and launched Amazon's 1st fraud and merchant risk office in India
- Rebuilt European Merchant Fraud program and team, reducing free cash flow loss from fraud by 98%
- Led Amazon's North American Media Marketplace and UK Affiliate marketing
Built and led rockstar teams that:
- Built Visa's European eCommerce strategy
- Rebuilt Verified by VISA (VbV) in Europe, increasing usage by 130% YOY
- Proposed, designed and built Visa's 1st B2C eCommerce payment strategy and product; which was Visa's first PayPal competitor
- Proposed and created the Platform team Built and led rockstar teams that:
- Rebuilt PayPal Australia’s AML, KYC and CTF compliance infrastructure retaining 3MM+ AU consumers
- Designed, developed and launched PayPal's 1st point of sale product and platform; which was PayPal's first point of sale product
- Developed PayPal's platform strategy
(Re)Built and led rockstar teams that:
- Built a new product strategy shifting the company from physical box to digital platform
- Rebuilt Android and IOS mobile apps, lifting feedback from 1 to 4.5+ stars
- Built 1st micro-lesson app: Travel
- Built 1st Kids products – reaching #2 iTunes store ranking for Free Kids apps and winning  awards
- Acquired, integrated and launched 1st SaaS learning platform and B2B product line
- Proposed and created the San Francisco office and team
(Re)Built and led rockstar teams that:
- Built a new product strategy
- Opened the San Francisco office hiring 60+ FTEs in 4 months
- Eliminated 500+ bugs and lifted platform availability to 99.9%+
- Lifted data capture from < 6MB/day to > 200GB/day.
- Target's 1st Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)
- Proposed and built an innovation strategy for Target and was made VP, Innovation
- Proposed and led the Techstars Accelerator at Target
Built and led rockstar teams that:
- Designed and developed my EIR company
- Centralized Target's innovation efforts
- Built and managed the Techstars Accelerator

/ 8+ years International Work Experience

West lived overseas for 8 years and led teams in over 30 countries.
4 years working in the UK as Senior Product Manager at Amazon UK & Vice President, Innovation and eCommerce at VISA Europe
3+ years working in Australia as Director, Product and Customer Experience at PayPal, Head of Marketing and Product at GraysOnline, and Chief Product Officer at Bigcommerce
6 months working in India designing, building and staffing Amazon’s first fraud analytics facility in India – now the largest such facility for Amazon

/ Patents

West and his teams filed a lot of patents.
Secure loyalty programs
A system with a decentralized architecture to provide secure loyalty program
Social retail platform and system with graphical user interfaces for presenting multiple content types
A social media platform and system provides a graphical user interface for creating social media posts and tagging one or more products.
Payment system
Disclosed embodiments provide systems and methods of processing payment authorisation requests for payment.
Smart Wallet
A service provider provides one or more “best” total value suggestions for one or more items specified by a user.
Payment system
Embodiments of the invention provide a method of processing payment authorization requests for payment transactions.
Local Affiliate marketing
Merchants within close proximity to each other are “affiliated” with other by distance. A consumer making a first.
Systems and methods for providing information to consumers
A method and a system to provide information to consumers are provided.
Location Determination and Map Building
The present disclosure involves a method comprising: determining a location of a user inside a facility.
Account access at point of sale
Verifying personal identification number [PIN]


West and his teams won several awards.
In 2020 West was selected to join the EHF community of 500 "action-oriented people influencing the course of humanity". Fellows undergo a rigorous application process and were selected from 10K+ applicants.
In 2016 West was selected as a "Power 50" who are "The linchpins in their company. The heart of the operation. The people who make things happen.” Winners were nominated by previous members and vetted for 3 months.
In 2012 West received:
- the “Universe” award, eBay’s highest award, from PayPal’s CPO
- the “Meteor Shower” award, eBay’s 2nd highest award, from my team
for my leadership of the Point of Sale Program.
 In 2014 the team West led won 1st place in “Best Learning App for Preschoolers“ for Rosetta Stone’s Lingo Letter Sounds.
In 2014 the team West led was nominated and selected as an Honoree for “Apps, Mobile, and Voice” in “Education & Reference (Handheld Devices)” for Rosetta Stone's Lingo Letter Sounds
In 2013 the team West led won:
- Gold for “Most Innovative”
- Silver for “Most Disruptive”
- Bronze for “Best Merchant”
for PayPal's point of sale solution.
 In 2010 the team West led won "fastest rising Google searches for Australian brands" for their SEO work at GraysOnline.

/ Education

West graduated in 2001 from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

On-The-Job Training

Executive Leadership Training

Selected by CEOs for Executive Leadership Training reserved for the top 1% of executives at Target (2016), PayPal (2011) & Visa (2008)

1:1 Executive Coaching

At PayPal, Target & Visa

Management Training

At Amazon, PayPal, Target & Visa

Media Training

At PayPal, Target & Visa

/ Media

West and his team's work has been covered by a variety of media outlets.

/ West IS launching a podcast

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/ And A YouTube channel

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