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20+ years experience driving innovation from the ground up.

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West Stringfellow spent 20+ years launching products and leading innovation at both corporate giants and startups, holding executive-level innovation and product management roles at Target, PayPal, VISA, Rosetta Stone, GraysOnline and BigCommerce and spending 3 years at Amazon as a Senior Product Manager.

As Vice President, Innovation at Target (joining Target in March, 2015 as the company’s first Entrepreneur-in-Residence) he founded a company, codenamed “Goldfish,” which he built inside Target. In December 2015, he was promoted to VP after proposing the creation of Target’s Internal Innovation and Operations team to explore, develop and scale company-wide innovative growth opportunities. West also proposed, created and led the Techstars Retail Accelerator, in partnership with Target. West was selected as a 2016 Minnesota Business Magazine’s “Real” Power 50, an honor that is awarded to “The linchpins in their company. The connectors in their industry. The heart of the operation. The ones who make things happen.”

As Chief Product Officer at Bigcommerce, West proposed and opened the San Francisco office hiring 60+ people in 4 months. To accomplish this aggressive hiring plan, West proposed and executed the #Poached recruiting campaign that resulted in over 13MM+ social media impressions – the largest PR event in the company’s history. West also refocused the engineering and product teams to improve product performance, stability and quality by creating a dedicated bug squad that killed 500+ bugs and took platform availability to 99.9%+. Ultimately, West led the development of a new strategy which enabled Bigcommerce to secure $50MM in Series D funding.

As Chief Product Officer at Rosetta Stone, West helped Rosetta Stone accelerate from a company that hadn’t launched a new product in three years to launching six products in one year. Among the product launches was Rosetta Stone’s first targeted product lines for business, which is now the primary focus of the company. West’s team also launched Rosetta Stone’s first bespoke kids product – Lingo Letters – which achieved iTunes #2 in downloads for Kids Free apps and was awarded “Best Learning App (Smartphone)” at the 2013 iKids Awards. To accomplish the new launches, West proposed an aggressive acquisition strategy and led due diligence and the M&A process for Rosetta Stone’s purchase of Live Mocha and Lexia Learning,

As Senior Director, Emerging Opportunities at PayPal West led the design and launch of PayPal’s point of sale platform, which won Pmynts.com “Most Innovative” at the 2013 Innovator Awards at Harvard. He also built and led the Global Product Platform team, strategy and business function. In his role leading Product and Customer Experience for PayPal Australia, West and his team retained 3MM+ AU customers by successfully developing new compliances products and procedures which successfully remediated an enforceable undertaking with the Australian government.

Prior to PayPal, West was Vice President, Innovation and eCommerce at VISA Europe where he proposed and built a online payment method that VISA Europe positioned as a competitor to PayPal. Before VISA he spent three years as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon, where he ran European Merchant Risk and reduced fraud loss by 98%, launched Amazon’s digital video platform and operations, proposed and championed Amazon’s first billable web service and proposed and built Amazon’s first fraud office in Bangalore, India.

West Stringfellow graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2001 (Go Buffs!) with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

West ♥s data, innovation, products, platforms, startups, America, Earth and space. He has a strong ability to rock.

Career Highlights

Below please find some of the highlights of West Stringfellow’s 20+ years experience:

Built & Launched

Target: Proposed and built Target’s 1st Internal innovation team and program

Target + Techstars: Proposed and built world’s 1st Retail Accelerator and partnership with Techstars

Rosetta Stone

  • 1st kid’s products. Ranked #2 iTunes Free Kids. Won iKids “Best Learning App”
  • 1st SaaS learning platform and B2B product line, now primary focus of company
  • 1st micro-lesson app: Travel
  • 1st Seattle, Austin and San Francisco offices, hired 70+ employees


  • Built 1st point of sale product and platform
  • Point of sale product won 2013 “Most Innovative” from PYMNTS.com
  • Proposed and built the platform strategy; then platform team and program


  • Built and launched 1st digital video platform
  • Proposed, built and launched 1st fraud office in India, hired 20+ employees
  • Proposed and ran 1st Marketplace Merchant conference producing $6M+ incremental sales in next 90 days
  • Proposed the 1st billable web service: Historical Pricing

Bigcommerce: proposed and built the 1st San Francisco office, hired 60+ employees


Rosetta Stone

  • Rebuilt the core Android and iOS mobile apps, lifting iTunes feedback from 1 to 4.5+ stars
  • Corporate strategy; then product, engineering and design teams and programs

PayPal: Rebuilt Australia’s compliance infrastructure, retaining 3M+ AU consumers

VISA: Rebuilt Verified by VISA in Europe, increasing usage by 130% YOY

Amazon: Rebuilt the European Fraud program and team, reducing fraud by 98%

Bigcommerce: Corporate strategy; then product, engineering and design teams and programs

International Work Experience

West worked and lived overseas for 7 years:

  • London, England: 4 years working as Vice President, Innovation and eCommerce at VISA, Europe and Senior Product Manager at Amazon UK
  • Sydney, Australia: 3 years working as Director, Product and Customer Experience at PayPal, Head of Marketing and Product at GraysOnline, and Chief Product Officer at Bigcommerce
  • Bangalore, India6 months designing, developing and staffing Amazon’s first fraud analytics facility in India – now the largest such facility for Amazon.


West’s writes on this blog, LinkedIn and Medium. Selected posts include:


West has been invited to speak at G100, ShopTalk, SXSW, BrandGarage, Intrapreneurship Conference, F.ounders, and Grow2012

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