HowDo is a free self-guided innovation training program. HowDo's innovation training is free because West believes innovation will empower people to overcome inequality, solve the climate crisis and recover from the pandemic.

"Working together, we will change the world."
- West

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20+ Years

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20,000+ hours

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400K+ Innovators

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Potintia is West's incubator for the advancement of business principles, products and platforms.

"Potintia is the corporation through which I plan to build the third chapter in my career defined by customer-obsession, not shareholder focus."
- West



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A conversation about how businesses can evolve.
World Business Review.com
An evolved interpretation of business events.
West’s mantra: “Peace, Love, Stoke and Rock” - as expressed through music
A platform that will support evolved businesses.
It’s in the name.

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