How This Primer Is Organized:

  • Essential ReadingsThese are the some of the best resources on the topic. They range from the covering the history of VR/AR looking at the applications that could change the world.
  • Glossaries: The main purpose of this resource is to get more people involved in conversations about VR/AR. Jargon is a barrier that prevents the cross-discipline conversations are the origin of great ideas.
  • Podcasts and Immersive Media: To really understand complex topics, it’s important to understand the culture surrounding it and to hear conversations surrounding the topic. These resources provide an avenue to listen to conversations with experts and learn about the topic without diving through mountains of text.
  • News Sources:  These are some of the sources that cover the day to day shifts within the technology. Everyone consumes news in a different way so resources represent diverse approaches.  Scan through the list and subscribe to a few to keep up to date on cutting edge advancements.
  • Startups: These companies provide a window into what’s possible within AR/VR.
  • Communities: Find other people curious about AR/VR and get involved in the conversation.

Essential Reading:

  1. Ready Player One by Ernest Kline – Anyone breaking into the industry and attending VR events will find this book referenced in many panels/presentations. The soon-to-be movie is coming out soon and will bring new discussions around how VR will change society.
  2. – A blog post in a series produced by YCombinator about how to get involved in virtual reality and a list of resources
  3. – Online course from Stanford including YouTube lectures and a full book. It has technical sections, but includes a strong intro to VR.
  4. – A look at the difference between VR and AR.
  5. – A pivotal reading about the development of AR.
  6. – A breakdown of mixed reality, including definitions and explainer images.
  9. Virtual Reality: The Revolutionary Technology of Computer-Generated Artificial Worlds – and How It Promises to Transform Society


Glossary of terms used in VR & AR – imm3rsive

A very basic start to basic virtual and augmented reality jargon. This is a great entry point before jumping into essential readings for people who have very limited knowledge of VR and AR.

  1. – The growing list of acronyms (AR, MR, VR, XR) explained.
  2. – A comprehensive glossary covering all things related to virtual reality.
  3. – For those looking to learn about more technical terms in the VR and AR space.
  4. –  A list of terms Facebook uses to discuss its list of virtual reality features.


  1. Voices of VR – A daily podcast featuring the pioneering game developers, enthusiasts, and technologists driving the resurgence of virtual reality hosted by Kent Bye.
  2. – Malia Probst – A podcast dedicated to hosting live discussions and conversations with leaders in VR and AR.
  3. Rev VR – Reverend Kyle – A podcast focused on software and peripherals through interviews with gamers, developers, and VR enthusiasts.
  4. VR Scout Report – Malia Probst – A weekly roundup talking about the top VR news.
  5. Tech Crunch Podcast Episode: Augmented Reality’s Promise ( – Founders Fund partner Cyan Banister and Super Ventures managing partner Matt Miesnieks joined TechCrunch editor-in-chief Matthew Panzarino to talk the past, present and future of augmented reality
  6. – A weekly podcast covering technologists, enthusiasts, and companies with real world deployments of VR and AR experiences

News Sources

These are some of the sources coverage the day to day shifts within the technology. Scan through the list and subscribe to a few to keep up to date on cutting edge advancements.

  1. – An industry news publication covering all things about virtual reality. Road to VR also features event recaps, company overviews, and augmented reality coverage.
  2. – UploadVR is a media company that has a digital publication covering the latest developments in VR and AR. Upload is also known for virtual reality events and their collaborative workspace, the Upload Collective.
  3. – Known for its coverage of technology, science, art and culture, the Verge offers in-depth coverage for consumers about VR and AR. The Verge features close ups of emerging companies and technologies as well as relevant industry news.
  4. – ETCentric is the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California. The online publication features thought leadership related to media, entertainment, consumer electronics, technology, and services in addition to academic resources. The ETCentric newsletter offers commentary on major industry developments in addition to curated articles.
  5. – Dedicated primarily to VR, VRScout covers the latest VR news, projects, and VR videos. In addition to the online publication, VRScout offers a weekly podcast.
  6. – As a major company working on bringing virtual and augmented reality to the masses, the company blog is a good place to find major technology developments that will affect VR and AR. The developer section often times contains technical information, but will also provide information on things like WebVR, ARCore, and Google Daydream.
  7. – A blog written by industry analysts with commentary breaking down the latest VR and AR developments. The blog also features infographics and new data as the company produces research.
  8. – ARtillry is a publication covering the evolution of AR and VR. Written by career analyst Mike Boland, it features both writing and multimedia takes of major industry players, opportunities and strategies.
  9. – Known as Next Reality, the publication is updated daily to cover innovations in AR, VR and MR. The publication is part of a major network created by WonderHowTo Network, and features a great collection of resources by platform, news topic, review, rumor, and insider leaks.
  10. – Mashable is known for its
  11. – Mashable is known for covering the latest technology, social media tips, gadgets, and more. Mashable’s augmented reality coverage features several hundred articles breaking down the latest technology developments in an easily digestible review.
  12. – The monthly print and online magazine covers emerging technologies that affect politics, culture, and the economy. WIRED primarily focuses on major companies making waves in the industry (think Google, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, etc.).
  13. – Apple’s blog features information related to ARKit and the company’s commitment to augmented reality. The developer blog will be a place to monitor as Apple continues to make developments with their technology.
  14. – DIYHackin offers a very basic intro to people looking to create their own AR project. There is a list of learning resources – including a link to a Coursera class – that might prove useful.
  15. – This is primarily a list of resources for developers, but features a solid list of software and hardware companies as well as a list of industry specific books at the bottom.
  16. – The Reddit community dedicated to augmented reality is a great place to keep tabs on rumors, ideas, theories, etc. The community proves to be a useful sounding board and place to learn about use cases.
  17. –  The Reddit community dedicated to virtual reality is a great place to keep tabs on rumors, ideas, theories, etc. The community proves to be a useful sounding board and place to learn about use cases.
  18. – An online publication dedicated to technology news and reviews. Their staff includes a team dedicated to the VR and AR beat.
  19. – This publication covers a wide variety of topics from general news to technology. The Guardian features break downs of companies and developments in both the VR and AR space.
  20. – CNET is known for its technology product reviews, news, price announcements forums, and videos. The staff frequently reviews industry trends.
  21. – A frequent publisher of VR and AR news, VentureBeat covers news with an added commentary for perspective on technology innovation. Find interviews with CEOs, event coverage, press announcements, and data all related to VR and AR.
  22. – Variety is known for its entertainment news coverage. This is a resource for those looking to track the development of VR being added into film festivals, and how major entertainment companies and production studios are working to implement the VR and AR.
  23. – A business media publication with a focus on innovation in technology makes Fast Company a strong resource for interviews with CEOs about what technology is being developed, as well as insight on leadership and design.
  24. – Offers a strong database on startups, as well as profiles and reviews of all things tech.

AR/VR Companies to Watch


  1. ODG
  2. Magic Leap
  3. Avegant
  4. Lumus
  5. Digilens
  6. Intel
  7. Microsoft
  8. Apple
  9. HTC
  10. Occipital
  11. Stereo labs
  12. ORBBEC
  13. Google
  14. Meta
  15. Leap Motion
  16. Sixense


  1. L’oreal
  2. Zappar
  3. IKEA
  4. Quiver Vision


  1. Y Combinator
  2. Intel Capital
  3. VR Fund
  4. boost VC
  5. Techstars


  1. DAQRI
  2. InfinityAR
  3. Sony
  4. Atheer
  5. Vuzix

3D Capture

  1. Autodesk
  2. Matterport
  3. itseez3D
  4. Agisoft
  5. Lytro
  6. 8i
  7. Otoy


  1. Unity
  2. Unreal Engine
  3. Lumberyard
  5. AMD
  6. Realspace 3D
  7. Facebook
  8. Dolby Atmos


  1. Lifeliqe


  1. Blippar
  2. Total Immersion
  3. Vuforia
  4. wikitude
  5. ARtoolkit
  6. ARKit
  7. ARCore
  8. KudanAR


  1. scopeAR
  2. Cimagine
  3. Augment
  4. Modiface


  1. ASOBO
  2. ILMxLab
  3. Niantic
  4. FLARB
  5. Weta Workshop


  1. Augmedix
  2. Medical Realities
  3. 3d4medical


VRARA – The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and people in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies.

SVVR meetup – SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) is an international organization of VR professionals dedicated to advancing a healthy, diverse virtual reality ecosystem.

CTA – As a catalyst to the dynamic technology industry, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ accelerates growth and progress for the fast-paced economy. With leading market research, CTA educates members, and by establishing standards, CTA shapes the industry at large.

Facebook VR Group – An international Facebook group dedicated to all things VR.

Women in VR/AR – Women in VR/AR is a professional group for women, minorities, and allies to connect and collaborate with each other as well as have constructive conversations in a space that is conducive to professionalism and the sharing of different perspectives without promoting institutional misogyny/reinforcing social constructs that inhibit the ideals of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

SVVR Expo – As a spinout event produced by the SVVR meetup, Entrepreneurs & investors exploring virtual worlds, enterprise VR, out of home VR, health & wellness, medical & fitness, therapeutic, social VR, and others passionate about the future of virtual reality come together in Silicon Valley for an annual event.

AWE – AWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) with events in the USA, Asia and Europe.

VRLA – A VR meetup turned expo that features cutting edge demos of the most exciting VR projects in development as well as a lineup of illuminating presentations and panels.

Khronos Group – The Khronos Group was founded in 2000 to provide a structure for key industry players to cooperate in the creation of open standards that deliver on the promise of cross-platform technology. They offer APIs for key technologies, and are working to create VR and AR standards.

CES – CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world. Held in Las Vegas every year, it is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

VRDC – VRDC brings together creators of amazing, immersive virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences to share best practices and demo new technology.

Augmented & Virtual Reality – A Facebook group dedicated to all things VR and AR. Find discussions, events, news, and job postings.

AR VR Women And Allies – A Facebook community that developed from a meetup. ARVR Women is dedicated to supporting inclusion for under-represented groups as creators for the next computing platform: Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Virtual Worlds (VWs)  – The Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Virtual Worlds (VWs) group is a LinkedIn community that is the place to meet leaders in the field and discuss these emerging technologies.

VR/AR/MR News & Jobs – This LinkedIn community focuses on virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed. This group is to get or post your latest VR, AR & MR news or jobs, if you are either hiring or searching.

Augmented reality AR, Virtual reality VR and Mixed reality MR #1 group for professionals – This LinkedIn community is created for startup entrepreneurs, companies, SMBs, designers and developers to start discussions related to VR, AR, and MR topics, share news and ideas, experience and case studies.

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